Monday, February 24, 2014


A lovely sunny last Monday of February here on the ridge today. Cold but only a light breeze. Despite the ice and snow the chickens eagerly leapt out of their front door tired of being confined. 
Happily Anne and Matthias safely returned from their trip to Ohio and yesterday we spent a sweet Sunday together. Though their days were full (I'm sure you'll be seeing some wonderful photos of their work on Anne's blog soon) Anne took the time to bring back "Thank you for house sitting" presents.

This little cyclamen smells divine. Who can resist those heart shaped leaves and happy blooms? The book by Susan Loy, autographed by her, Anne found at Half Price Books thinking she was buying it for herself. She knows of my long long time interest in Susan's work and assumed I had a copy of the book already. When she showed it to me and found out I did NOT have a copy, she handed it over without hesitation.
Thank you sweet Anne and welcome home.


  1. Nice to have some respite from the poor weather conditions. Lovely Anne handing her book over to you! The cyclamens are so pretty with their white blooms. Have a lovely week Sharon.

  2. I do love cyclamen and yours is lovely, Sharon. And what a beautiful looking book! How fortunate we are to have such wonderful daughters! Glad you are all back together!

  3. So happy my little gifts brought you some joy. A field full of flowers and a shelf full of beautiful books wouldn't be enough to show my gratitude for all that you do.

    Love you.