Wednesday, February 19, 2014

calm between the storms

Been getting our exercise removing snow around here.

Wild winds from the southeast rearranged the last snowfall. I had shoveled the brick walk to where you see Jerome coming to my rescue with the snow blower (which just barely fit inside the gate.)

The morning after we finished all the snow removal at the farm we drove into town to try and clear up the city house walks and drive (we're house sitting for Anne and Matthias while they're in Ohio.)

It's no easy task throwing all that snow up onto the piles already formed around this little city lot without having it roll right down again.
You see the beautiful blue skies which we enjoyed yesterday and today. Temperatures above freezing for the first time since before Christmas.
Now we have a major storm warning beginning in the small hours of tomorrow morning. This time rain, sleet and high wind gusts will be in the mix.

A happy result of the longer daylight hours… our hens are laying again. And they especially have enjoyed the sun and the milder temperatures.

Next week temperatures below zero by day, double digit below at night. What a crazy winter ride we're having!


  1. I have never known such bizarre weather. In London we have had rain (almost) daily since a week before Christmas. We haven't seen snow since last spring and the ground is saturated. Our temperatures have been above average but tonight they are expected to fall. Roll on spring for all of us!

  2. Sounds like you have a lot more snow than we have, Sharon! You and Jerome make a good team!
    Keep warm!!!

  3. Hi Sharon!
    What a lovely show! I'd love walking around your city in all that show! there in England it is a really strange winter the one work having, with warm weather and no frost.
    Thank you again for my birthday's wishes ... you made me really happy!!