Sunday, March 31, 2013

last day of March

This year the last day of March is also Easter Sunday. Here at the farm it is barely above freezing, many shades of grey, and with a brisk wind that brings tears to the eyes. Nevertheless, there are signs of spring in every direction. The first robin heard and sighted just outside the bathroom window. A flock of raucous Redwing Blackbirds showing up at once bringing a splash of color, music, and energy where there was none the day before. A tiny patch of bare soil with definite knobs of eager green daffodil shoots surfacing for air and sunlight, well at least daylight.

There is no need to color eggs, as there are none as beautiful as those gathered warm from the nest boxes in our snug chicken house. The hens and their intrepid rooster ventured out in a rush today but retreated back inside after a brief explore. No sun to warm their feathers, soil too wet for dust baths. Who can blame them.
Spring IS arriving. She's just taking her time after all the flack Mother Nature got for last year. Winter is over and a gradual, steady spring has arrived. So often spring blurs past. I am going to be grateful she's taking her sweet time.


  1. We woke to a light dusting of fresh snow here in VT. Spring is reluctant this year. It will be all the sweeter when it shows up! xo

  2. I like your optimism Sharon. It is bitterly cold here again today and the sun is struggling to be seen beyond the clouds. The eggs are so pretty with their pastel hues.

  3. We were fortunate to have two warmish days in a row, but temperatures have plummeted again. I'm doing "signs of spring" this month on my blog, and I'm really looking hard for them!
    Hope your weather brightens soon, and that spring shows her sweet face before too long!

  4. Oh, and your amaryllis is gorgeous!