Monday, March 25, 2013


Can you feel it? Do you smell it? There is a subtle shifting going on. The ground is still covered in snow. There isn't a single spring bulb exposed and emerging. And yet...
While clearing a path to the chickens on Saturday I saw gliding on the air currents above me, no less than 6 large birds. I was able to see that the nearest two had white heads and tails. Bald eagles just enjoying the day. Floating over our few acres. The  light in the sky had a quality similar to that during a partial solar eclipse and there was a full and amazing ring around the sun. Totally alone, struggling with deep drifts, I nevertheless felt the blessed company of creation not only around me, but throughout me.

Several days ago a friend and I were remembering that last year at this time so many of the summer birds were already here. She promised to tell me when she spotted her first robin. Her email arrived yesterday during an all day snow.

Just when the spirit sags reinforcements arrive.
On this Monday of holy week, days before the turning of the calendar to April, and surely spring, I wish for each of you such reinforcements of the spirit.
Oh, and maybe you'll get a chuckle from this little photo Jerome sent me. I know we have chickens on our minds over here at "the farm", but maybe you too see what we see.


  1. Your plants look like they are sprouting forth from little cocoons, Sharon!
    Yes, there is definitely a change in the air. It's hard to believe that you are still struggling with deep drifts. Hopefully sunshine and springtime warmth are on their way!
    The photo Jerome sent you is priceless!! Perfect for chicken lovers!!

  2. That is one HUGE baby chick!!!

  3. I love that picture of the church!! Fantastic!!! I'm watching at birds, too...and they seem to be feeling the "spring" coming, even if it's still snowing!
    ..Happy Easter Sharon!!