Friday, March 8, 2013

guess who's been coming for dinner

This week they are so bold as to arrive each afternoon well before sunset. I stand on the upper balcony and beat a pot with a ladle and they scatter... for a while.

After a few days of this I'm wondering if when they hear the sound they think they're being called to supper. Yesterday there were 14 at 6:00. I watched them for a while. They don't enjoy sharing, posturing and chasing one another away.

Loud noises are temporary deterrents at best.
A dog will be adopted after Jerome joins me. Not fair to introduce a dog before the man.
Bobbex has been ordered and is on its UPS way, mostly to protect the young fruit trees and berry canes. So far it's the yews that have kept their attention and if sacrificing them saves my fruits, then I can't complain.
People I've asked all say that the deep snow cover is making it difficult to find food. I look out at all the woods and fields and shrubbery within sight of our little acreage and wonder why they are so hungry they need risk being out in the open in daylight to eat in my back yard. Over 300,000 deer were "harvested" this past hunting season in Wisconsin alone.
Clearly, we have work ahead this year to preserve and protect before next winter.


  1. It is difficult isn't it? No one likes to think of an animal going hungry but crops have to be kept protected so we don't go hungry too. The deers must feel that your little patch is a safe haven Sharon and that your pot beating is a sign that it is safe to come out!

  2. You guys have your work cut out for you...


  3. Ohhh, I love Dovey and My.a curled up in the little bed!

    I cannot believe how many deer there are and how early they come out. I do hope the Bobbex will help. I assume it is a deterrent.
    Good luck.