Wednesday, April 10, 2013


When I returned from Illinois the day before Easter, much of the snow on the farm property had disappeared but it was still too frozen to begin a garden cleanup. 
By Friday when Jerome arrived we had fine enough weather to work out of doors. For the first time since the winter began, the days were mild and dry enough for the chickens to be out of doors all day too. Our priority was to clean out their house and lay down new bedding for the spring/summer. All that we cleared out of their house went into one of the compost bins mixed with the last of the horse manure that had been sitting in a mound composting on its own since March of 2012. 
We cleaned up, cleared out, and otherwise tackled assorted garden jobs, including some major pruning.

the flock. notice how his head is up watching while his girls  peck and scratch

strawberries that survived the winter

kale, broccoli, cauliflower seedlings

dead wood cleared from around the pond
manure waiting to be layered with the soiled chicken bedding in the compost bin

Jerome left again for the city house yesterday morning and by then the rain had arrived and didn't let up all day. By night thunderstorms and high winds raged. Then the ice arrived. 

an example of what I found as I walked to the chicken house this morning

limbs lost at the base of our mighty pine

a tree toppled on our property across the road

On my own the few days between Easter Sunday and Jerome's arrival Friday morning, I had a crowded agenda: a day at the school library, a meeting of my fiber arts group, a quilt class, a video series, a good book. And the sending and arrival of some handmade joy.

blocks from last week's quilt class

Handmade Joy Exchange items that I sent to New Zealand

Handmade Joy Exchange gift that I received from Utah

Life is full, full, full and getting fuller. Jerome is putting the final touches on the city house. At the farm our offer to buy the slip of land beside our acreage was accepted and next week the surveyor arrives. Our estimate for the living room renovation and floor reinforcement has been agreed on and the work will begin within the next two weeks. When it's done we can have the pipe organ moved here at the convenience of our organ builders' schedule. Its completion will ease the planning of a closing when the city house sells.
The gardening season will be taking off as soon as the wet weather subsides. Already my spirit is buoyed by the sightings of new growth emerging where we've cleared away the debris of last season.
The days I share with Jerome at the farm pass in a quick tempo. Too quick. They are beautiful, comfortable, blessed days. We now see clearly what our future holds for us here.


  1. I love the new header Sharon! Well, you have certainly been living life to the full recently! I am glad that you were finally able to get out into the garden and start to have a clear up. That is what I have been doing too. I am so glad that you can now see light at the end of the tunnel in what must have been a very hard winter for you at the farm.

  2. How wonderful, Sharon. It seems like you and our Karen are in similar places, with the fulfillment of dreams just around the bend! The addition of a pipe organ sounds exciting and I know it will be a wonderful thing to have Jerome with you all the time.
    Your new header is beautiful. Your kitties and handwork make for a lovely collage!
    Thank you for sharing with us what is happening in your life!

  3. So much to love here Sharon! It's such fun to keep track of our paralel journeys. :-)

  4. Oh, and your quilt and handmade items are just beautiful, Sharon!

  5. The ice on the trees is eerily beautiful, yet so harsh on those poor trees! Your quilt and joy box are both lovely. Thank you for the sweet comment you left over at my place:)