Wednesday, April 17, 2013

a salve

Despite being focused on personal concerns during the past several days, I have not been untouched by the terror in Boston. Another very bleak reminder of the heavy hearts that walk among us day to day. Souls parched for what my life has in abundance, blessings for which I often forget to be grateful.
What to do?
Strengthen my soul to spread kindness in every situation. Fill my heart with beautiful to overcome ugly.
Hold onto  sweet memories in the darkest of times.
I'll share two with you.
Jerome has conducted John Rutter anthems often in his years as a choir director. Each time in the congregation I would close my eyes to absorb every note of those uplifting compositions. A particular favorite of mine, here sung by a young child, symbol of hope for our future, is All Things Bright and Beautiful.

And possibly my most precious memory of those years is the Hymn of Promise written by children's composer Natalie Sleeth and sung  by Jerome's girl's choir. Anne was perhaps 6th grade? her voice crystal and sure among the others. Jerome recorded the piece so each choir girl could give a recording to her mother for Mother's Day that year. I have my cassette at the city house where our cassette player is now, so can't play it for you here. But the link above provides the lyrics and a simple YouTube search will give you many versions to listen to. I prefer to here those sweet voices of so long ago still warm and vibrant in this mother's heart.
Perhaps the lyrics will also bring warmth to your heart during this time of human coldness.


  1. It must be wonderful to come from a musical family Sharon. Music can be very comforting and familiar in uncertain times. I witnessed the tragedy in Boston unfold on my television screen and shed a tear for all involved. Instead of focusing on the sheer horror, I tried to focus on the helpers rallying around to give support to the injured. There are still many good people in the World as we all know.

  2. Such lovely offerings, Sharon. Thank you for spreading the beauty of music with us. I love your ways of combatting ugliness in the world.
    I, too, love listening to and watching my daughter's childhood concerts. She had a little lisp and was so cute! I agree with Simone that it must be wonderful to have so much music in your family! I took piano lessons for a year and was terrible!! :)