Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Woman's Heart Health Month day 6

The heart: the 4th chakra
I have been trying to focus on my heart's health, living purposefully. And because the heart is more than a muscle that takes some doing.
The first 6 days of February have flown past because I've spent them with my sweetheart. On this his last morning at the farm Mother Nature provided a gift:
her most spectacular frosting.


But the rusty red Jeep eventually had to leave and to provide heart's ease I turned my attentions to hearts of a different sort. My sweet and talented friend  Judy has a February goal and I'm trying to participate. So, here are two just completed hand mades that contain a few hearts. The first is 9 1/2 inches wide and is called Sunny Morning from a South Maid doily pattern collection by Coats and Clark 1992.

This second is 19 inches across and  is simply called Crocheted Doily # A-917 from a Coats and Clark pattern booklet from 1972 which cost 35 cents. I've made it several times in a variety of colors, given a few as gifts, but never made a white one for myself before. I think I will keep this one.

My beautiful and imaginative daughter often finds hearts in most interesting places. If you've been a follower of her blog you will have seen many. I often see them myself, and it's funny how once you start looking you seem to find them everywhere. I'll close my post today with one of my favorite little hearts, Mya's sweet nose.

Welcome to our ridge meadow farm, Mya. Dovey and I love having you here.


  1. You are such an accomplished doily maker Sharon. I couldn't see the hearts at first within the doileys, but now I know they are there they jump out at me! I love Mya's little heart shaped nose!

  2. Oh, how lovely, Sharon!! Thank you for linking to my blog!!
    Your handwork is beautiful, and Mya is a sweetheart!! May I use your photos on my Heartfelt February? :)