Thursday, February 14, 2013

hearts and flowers

Happy Valentines Day to each of you.

These beautiful flowers arrived from my sweetheart yesterday. Jerome likes it when Susan at The Flower Basket here in town arranges flowers for me and can take her time having fun doing it. So he ordered these for me to be delivered the day before the rush. By now she knows  just what I like and loves being able to please. And the owner, Al, loves being able to deliver them and chat with me for a while. Thankfully Jerome gave me a hint about it and so I baked my no fail walnut brownies and had them ready to give to Al, still slightly warm from the oven, when he arrived. 

Though I have to be apart from my honey today, I do have both of the girls here now. Each day they are getting more comfortable with living together again. Yesterday I found them sharing the smaller of the two cat beds in the upstairs sunroom.

Usually either one would have preferred to be alone in the larger bed you see to the left in the photo above!

And this morning

they were on bird watch together, sharing Dovey's favorite "perch", my portable pressing pad on the sewing table arm. Dovey has shown no signs of being possessive of "her" farm house. She even let Mya push her away from her favorite treat, tuna water, at lunch time today. Sweet, sweet. They do wrestle and chase and tease one another, but never in a mean spirited way. Great spectator sport! And my heart is full sharing my life with them. May you each find a little joy to treasure today.


  1. Beautiful flowers buts alas, no hearts and flowers here! Dovey and Mya look so contented together especially curled up in the bed! Have a lovely weekend Sharon. I hope the weather is good to you.

  2. Brownies for the flower delivery guy. You are so thoughtful, Sharon.

    I love reading about your new kitty and I'm so glad she gets along with Dovey. Having two cats who are good companions makes a house a home. I look forward to when we can become a two cat household again, I know Henry would love to have a buddy. (In the meantime, we will be hosting Javier again, when Hannah goes away for her spring break in March).

    Sending you mid-winter cheer! xo

  3. I love the photo of them sleeping together, so cute!

  4. Oh, Sharon, what a joyful post!! First off, what a lovely flower arrangement! Susan is quite an artist, and Al is a lucky fellow!
    And the part about Dovey and Maya had me giggling out loud!! I love seeing them together and their antics are so much like my cats'. They will provide you with SO much entertainment! I'm so happy for you!