Monday, February 25, 2013

quilt progress

I've been working on the log cabin quilt that I started in Linda Halpin's class last weekend. . . with a little help from my friends.

Dovey mostly wants to see what Mya is up to, while Mya sits and watches every little thing I'm doing. She'll watch with her front paws together, back ramrod straight, unblinking, purring a mile a minute the whole time. I think she loves the colors. In the shot above, Mya is giving her version of lovin' to the fabrics.

The goal of the class was to use only fabrics already in your stash, which for me, is heavy on autumnal hues: greens, rusts, golds, reds, browns, creams.

I've been sewing 4 blocks of each color combination, with black as the center square.

I work by doing two sets at a time. First I choose the colors that will become the next two blocks, lay them out beside my machine, and chain piece to move the process along.
My new dining room table is the perfect work surface. My cutting mat is there, the strips organized by color within reach, and the iron standing by. I only work in the daylight because the lamp light is more suitable to romantic dinners than sewing accuracy, but since I have no company now, and I mostly eat dinner at my computer desk while Skyping my husband, it doesn't matter that the table is busy as a studio work surface.
Anne is again posting Joy List Mondays. I love checking in on what's bringing her joy, as her joy is my joy as well. As for joy in this little farmhouse this particular Monday in February, I think my quilt blocks are on my list today.


  1. Cats and cut fabric! A dynamic duo of bliss! xo

  2. I am glad to see Mya and Dovey helping out! The fabrics are lovely Sharon and it will be wonderful to see the finished quilt. I must pop in and see Anne now. I love Joy List Mondays!

  3. Oh, this is going to be a wonderful quilt, Sharon!! Your May reminds me of my Rosie. She does the same thing - watching intently and purring!! I can tell you're loving having the two kitties with you!

  4. Your quilts look wonderful!! I really like the colours!
    I love your cats!

  5. so pretty! I can't wait to see the finished product.