Friday, February 8, 2013

the Thursday circle

On the first and third Thursdays of the month I get to meet with a group of women who began assembling as spinners and weavers many years ago. They have graciously welcomed me into their circle though I have never done either craft. Believe me when I say I desire to learn both skills and will be embarking on those adventures later. When we gather now, they mostly knit. And their work is beautiful. I've been bringing my crochet to each meeting and yesterday did this small heart.

For years I saved every back issue of craft and gardening magazines until it became impractical to continue. Instead, I've bravely gleaned those patterns and ideas which speak most clearly to me, tearing pages and recycling the rest.  The result is numerous notebooks of tear sheets like the one above.
At our meeting yesterday the girls encouraged me to put down the crochet hook for a while and pick up knitting needles. When next we meet they will help me choose a pattern that will begin me on the knitting journey. I have my own version of the knit stitch that has produced numerous scarves over the years, and one intrepid colleague at school helped me to learn to purl after a fashion. But I am awkward and have no idea how to read much less interpret a pattern. They all admit they each hold the needles and knit the way that's most comfortable for them. And so, I will begin as a beginner and try to learn the way that's best for me.
I won't put my crochet hook away for good. Recently I purchased a book of 100 crocheted snowflakes that I would like to make in the months ahead, quick satisfying projects. But I hope to be sharing my baby steps along the knitting path in the weeks ahead.


  1. Best of luck with the knitting Sharon. I am more of a crocheter than a knitter but have my own way of holding the hook which isn't the way demonstrated in books and magazines. I guess that as long as the end result is how we want it to be then it is all fine! It must be lovely spending time with like-minded people. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Such a beautiful heart! Sounds like a very encouraging group. I also would love to learn to knit properly, and we have a little knitting shop in our town which gives lessons. Hmmm.....
    Such lovely work!