Thursday, August 2, 2012

taking time for a class

This afternoon I took a class at my local quilt shop. There were only two students and the teacher, Lorraine, who works and teaches at the shop regularly. She's a real sweetheart and very encouraging. I heard about the class last week when I stopped in for their end of July sale. Because my sewing machine is back in Illinois being cleaned, oiled, aligned, whatever, I didn't think I would be able to  participate. But the shop owner, Karen, graciously allowed me to use one of the shop machines. A bit like getting a free loaner when your car is being serviced, you're glad to have any vehicle even if it is a bit rough. I only had to sew one straight line and then zigzag for the rest of the project. Easy enough on a strange machine. However, the bulb was burned out so I had no illumination over the needle and the foot that was on it (the only one available) was not assisting me in the slightest.
Enough with the whining, it turned out kind of cute, even if it is a bit oddly shaped.

The process: wrap strips of fabric around a cotton clothesline. (You don't have to worry about frayed edges unless they're really bad.)

From my stash at home I chose two florals and a near solid. It's a great way to use up leftovers and pieces of fabric that make you wonder what you'd been thinking when you brought THEM home! The possibilities are endless and the funkier the print, the more surprising the results.
Lorraine is addicted and I can see why.
I can't wait to get my own machine home so I can whip up a few more.


  1. What fun! I've always wondered how tricky it would be to make one of those those basket/bowls. Yours has turned out just right. Well done, Sharon!

  2. Hi Sharon!
    Love your basket!
    Hmmm... some of those fabrics look familiar! I think I have them in my stash.
    I, too, have wondered about how to make these charming baskets. Are the rows stitched together by hand? I actually know someone who makes great handbags and totes with this method. I guess once you do one, you want to try more!
    Glad you found time for some sewing, even if you had to use an "alien" machine!!

  3. Nice basket!! It's always good to take some lessons, I beg you really enjoyed it!
    Many greetings,