Friday, July 27, 2012

Ideal day

Last summer I grew one 10 foot row of beets. I used all of them for pickled beets, not roasting a single one. This year I decided I'd grow 3 rows. They are beautiful, large, and ready to pick. And because today is in the 70s, cloudy, and breezy, it is a perfect day for canning.
just picked. Tops go to the chickens and into the compost bin.
Rinsed outside with the hose.
Simmered til soft. Skins slide right off. What is removed goes into the compost too.
A pickling bath is prepared.
Beets and onions are added to the bath to simmer together for a few minutes.
Contents carefully put into sterile pint jars and processed in water bath for half an hour.

The color is amazing. The taste this winter will be amazing, too.
While typing this post I heard 8 distinct, satisfying pings letting me know the jars are sealed. A good day's work.


  1. A lovely vibrant colour to add to your winter dishes!

  2. Yes, the color is beautiful, as is your process!

  3. I LOVE listening for the "ping!" Beets are a Reed family fave.

    Imagine the snow howling outside your window, Sharon, and opening a jar of these summer beauties. Bliss!

  4. Ideal indeed! And Matthias just realized that he does like pickled beets. :)

    Can't wait till I can do some canning here, too. I have a nice crop of cucumbers coming along. Once they start, they come SO fast. Bet yours will be ready, too.