Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 It happened this afternoon. The temperature dropped from 94 to 70. The skies were so dark the solar lights all came on. Dovey dove under the buffet. And then it happened.

All is still right now, and thankfully drenched. Our frequent visitor is on the porch and letting us know he is also pleased.

Thank you all who have sent good thoughts our way and whose collective chi has helped me keep going in the face of this challenge.


  1. I am so glad that the rain eventually came Sharon! Let us hope that the temperature continues to fall too. I love your little visitor!

  2. I am really happy to hear that the rain came at last!! I'm in Italy now, in the warm weather...and I'm really glad to have a bit of sun here! :)

  3. Great news, Sharon!! So glad for the gift of rain!! May temperatures stay cool and may your region find some relief from drought.

    Unstable weather here, but today is lovely and cool. Good day for housework! :)

  4. This is most excellent news, Sharon! Such a simple thing, rain, until we don't get enough of it.

    We have had forecasts of late afternoon thunderstorms that don't actually materialize...we still need rain. Maybe today?


  5. Dear, lovely Sharon,

    I am simply happy for you. I can imagine the sweet relief you exhaled when those thunder clouds burst. I have just been gazing at the thoughtful and very beautiful gifts you offered Simone. She is a most fortunate and well-deserving lady.

    I wish you a happy, peaceful week.