Sunday, July 8, 2012

a gift from across the pond

My life has been deeply enriched since meeting several beautiful women through this marvel that is the blogosphere.
If you don't already know her, Simone, of Linden Grove, is a multi-talented and thoughtful woman living in the UK. Her photography is stunning. She adores playing with paper which she calls pootling.  I watch a lot of British tv but admit I've never heard this term. Perhaps Simone has invented it??  She also is very adept with a needle, is remarkably at home whether in the garden,  kitchen, or studio. She has recently opened an online shop she calls Pootling with Paper. A stroll through her shop gives you some small idea of her range of interests and creativity. And as busy as this wife and mother is, she also finds time to volunteer. Visit her blog and see where she offers her gifts of time and energy.
Recently she had a giveaway and I was a lucky winner!
The first photo is of the greeting card that was enclosed with my prize. Beautifully rendered, this work of art is a gift in itself. Simone, it will always have the power to transport me to the British countryside.

The prize you can see below. Simone loves beads. In fact, I was one of several dozen who sent beads to her from all over the globe for a necklace she fashioned. This bracelet arrived in the heart of inland America. Its very colors speak of the sea. The beads are strung on memory wire,  and here you see it worn near my wrist. If my upper arms were tanned, I would have modeled it high on the arm in the manor of Cleopatra. Perhaps another day.

It arrived yesterday and brought with it a much needed boost to my spirit.
Simone, I love it. Thank you so much.


  1. Hi Sharon. I am so glad that you have received your gift. You model the bracelet perfectly! Thank you for the kind words. Pootling is an informal word that means to proceed unhurriedly - strangely, my family have never heard of this word either! I hope you are managing to keep cool in the heatwave you are experiencing. As long as your chickens have a constant supply of water, and shade, I don't know what else you can do to keep them cool except giving them a shallow container of water to bathe in!

  2. Simone's work is gorgeous isn't it! I have a red one!
    Pootling is such a word usually associated with little boats like "pootling along the river". Wandering slowly
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. I agree with you, Sharon, that Simone is one special lady! I think I remember her making cards like the one you received, and the bracelet is just beautiful! I think my favorite part of blogging (although I've been absent lately) is meeting people like Simone and you, and sharing our lives and work with each other.
    I'll be back soon - promise! :)

  4. Hi Sharon!!
    Congratulations for your winning!! It's a beautiful bracelet!!