Monday, August 6, 2012

goodbye Ameilia

A difficult day. I'm still up at nearly half past midnight. My Rhode Island red hen, Amelia, died today totally unexpectedly. She was first out of the chicken house this morning as usual. She eagerly joined her flock at the apples and kale treats voicing her thanks.
A few hours later while working in the vegetable bed I heard a sound I've never heard before, a steady, continuous crying. Phoebie was desolate. When I entered their yard the others came very slowly to me, reluctantly. In the tall grass I found her. LadyHawk refused to leave the spot.

There was no obvious sign of distress or injury. Not a single insect on her body, no blood, no discharge, no reason. Just lifelessness. Utterly final and despite my dedication to her, beyond my control.

This evening there was a picture postcard sunset, like you'd see on greeting cards of sympathy. Despite the larger events of the day, the passing of this one sweet hen may seem insignificant. Not to me. She was my companion, my court jester, my lovely dark brown shell layer, a dear little soul. I'll miss her.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your little hen Sharon. My last hen is very poorly at the moment and her death will not come as a shock to me unlike the swift passing of Amelia. Just remember that you gave her the best life you possibly could. The sunset was a fitting tribute to your feathered friend.

  2. Oh, Sharon, this is such sad news! So unexpected.

    May you be blessed with many good memories of your Ameilia. Such a sweet companion...

    I send you love and comfort across the miles.

  3. Sharon, I am so sorry for your loss and so moved by the distress of the rest of your brood. What a shock for you and your farm family. So sad.
    The sunset is beautiful, but does not ease the sadness of a dear lost companion.
    Sending you big hugs.

  4. What is it about animals - be they dog, cat or chicken, that allows them to roost in our hearts and souls? I am so sorry about Amelia.

  5. =( never a fun day but nothing you could do. Think about what a wonderful life you did give her and be grateful for that.