Wednesday, August 29, 2012

fleeting august

Earlier this month I posted about all the company I've been having here. Well, just the other morning I had company of a different sort.

This fellow and two of his friends stopped just outside the back door and though I took the pictures through the sewing room window, they knew they were being observed. He looked me right in the eye. And then as they so often do, they stepped across the septic mound and left the farm via the meadow walk path. They just love that path!

Very often over the past few weeks I've heard the coyotes calling at night. For some reason the rabbits that had been tripping over each other here all summer have suddenly become invisible. Are the coyotes the reason the rabbits seem to be gone??

On Monday morning of this week, I woke to this sight outside the upstairs sliders. There had been dense ground fog all night, the waxing moon shining brightly overhead. A beautiful sight in the dark hours. Just before the sun the deep mists persisted in every direction.

Despite the predictions of 90s for the next few days, I can tell that summer is losing her grip. Leaves are already drifting down, birds are disappearing, the mice are eager to get inside, and the apples are already deep red and falling by the dozens each day.

For the past several mornings after I bring the chickens their breakfast and let them out for the day it has been my routine to pick up all the windfall apples from the previous night. The nicest of these apples get put aside until my task is done. Then I bring them in to be pared, cored and cut into wedges for the freezer.  I experimented with this process late last fall and it worked so well that I promised myself to fill the freezer with apples for winter baking this season if the tree provided. Happily our majestic Cortland has managed to do a fine job despite the false start this spring and summer's heat and drought.
This morning I also put the finishing touches on a baby shower gift. In July I joined a local fiber arts guild. We meet twice monthly and each bring a handwork project. I've really enjoyed getting to know these women and have had the added pleasure of seeing some of their homes and gardens as most of the meetings take place in member's homes. Elin, who is a weaver, is a friend of Robin, my herbalist friend. Robin introduced me to Elin last September and she and I spent a bit of time together at the Driftless Area Art Fair later that day. We met again at Robin's farmer's market booth earlier this summer, and Elin invited me to join the guild. I'm delighted to be a part of them all now. And this fall I will be learning how to spin! I've always wanted to learn.
It is Elin's daughter, Mia, who is the expectant mother, and the baby is a girl. The fiber arts guild gals are all invited, so I can only imagine the beautiful handwork we'll see as each gift is revealed. We're having a luncheon at the Rooted Spoon in downtown Viroqua tomorrow. Should be fun.

At our guild meetings I had been crocheting this little sweater vest, or jumper as the British call it, and thought I might be able to finish it in time. I found a purple knit shirt that goes well. Then I got the idea to make a pair of britches to finish the ensemble. I have a few children's patterns, sizes 1/2 to 4. So as not to cut into the pattern and limit it to only one size,  I make a copy of the size I need using light weight nonfusible interfacing.

I found two print fabrics that work well together and made the pants reversible. The covered buttons on the jumper are made from the flower print. Baby shower gifts are often heavy on the little sizes so I hope having a little larger size outfit will be a good thing. You can't tell from my odd photo, but the pants are a size 1.
I think this month has been the longest and fullest since I've come here. And before August closes Jerome will be here to help me celebrate the second anniversary of this retirement endeavor and to help me usher in the sweet month of September. As if Mother Nature herself were aware of yesterday's anniversary, she gave me a gift. I was out checking on the chickens just before dinner and happened to look up just in time to see a rainbow across the eastern sky. I ran in, as much of a run as these legs allow, and grabbed the camera for a photo just as the rainbow gift was fading away. No matter, it was double and clear when I saw it, so a faded photo isn't important. It was a benediction on the day.

Before August closes, I must wish my dearest house mate, Dovey, a happy 3rd birthday. Alas, we do not know exactly what day in the month she was born, so every day in the month is Dovey day.

Dovey is the one who makes it all possible for me. Happy birthday, sweet girl. Thank you full, beautiful, bountiful, summery August.


  1. If I could choose a place in the World to live, I think your plot of land would do very nicely Sharon! So much wildlife and produce abounds! The red apples look so mouth wateringly good. It must be fun belonging to the fiber arts guild. The little sweater vest is adorable and so detailed. Enjoy your lunch tomorrow and time spent with Jerome. Dovey is such a lovely little cat!

  2. So many things to say, Sharon! I love your new blog header and sweet profile photo. Very nice!
    And what a great post. So glad things are going so well. Your photos are gorgeous and I'm so glad you're in a fiber arts group. Such a nice way to meet people and share handwork!
    As for your baby shower gift - Sharon, it is beautiful!! You did such a lovely job with your crochet and the way you put the outfit together. And hand made, reversible pants!! You are so talented. I'm sure everyone will love it!
    Enjoy your time with Jerome, happy new life anniversary and happy birthday to your sweet companion Dovey!

  3. Hi Sharon!!
    Wow!! What beautiful pictures. You live in such a great place!! Nice new blog header, too!
    I can imagine you being so happy in a fiber arts group! It's always so nice meeting new people while doing what you love the most.
    Beautiful crochet vest and outfit!
    Happy Birthday to Dovey!! And Happy anniversary!

  4. Great photos!! The deer and the misty morning, especially.

    That little outfit turned out to be so sweet!

    Hugs to you and Dovey!