Saturday, June 9, 2012


Just have to share my new raspberry bed.

These plants came as bare root canes with no leaves, hardly any roots, and looking unpromising. I potted them up in individual pots and have kept them well watered and in the sunshine. Many of them even have flowers. Those farthest away in this photo only arrived a couple of weeks ago and are now also leafed out. Don't they look snug and happy?
What I really like about some of the structures we've built here at the farm is the reuse of old wood. The center posts of this fence were on a heap of old fencing stacked up with weeds and grasses growing around and through them. About a dozen of them went into the chicken yard fence last June. These last two are now part of the raspberry fence. Eli took a few home and along with some fencing pickets and other "scraps" is building my new double compost bins. If all goes well they should be installed next week.


  1. I would love a raspberry fence! I hope you enjoy lots of succulent raspberies this summer!

  2. Wonderful garden, Sharon - so neat and well planned, and I'll bet those raspberries will be extra delicious because you grew them yourself! Love your use of reclaimed wood and the excitement that is evident when your hard work pays off!

  3. I love everything about this project! I just sent Batman a link to this post. We are trying to decide how best to start a raspberry patch. Many thanks for the inspiration, Sharon!

  4. Looks great! Are those wires going across to keep them restrained or string?