Thursday, June 14, 2012

last week of spring

With summer only days away, the meadow has donned a frock of clover and daisies.

While the fields and beds around her are decked out for work, the meadow is dressed for a tea party. And all creatures seem to have been invited. The doe and her fawn arrived this morning and the pheasant has been calling from there all day. I've seen multiple toads, the redwing blackbirds are patrolling, butterflies on the move. The chickens are delighted their yard is tucked into the meadow on 3 sides so they can at least watch the goings on. And truth to tell, the back of their yard is meadow also.

Of course when I arrived to take the party pictures, my shadow, Rosie, had to run out from the dust spa beneath the chicken house to see what I was doing. She was quickly followed by most of the rest of the gang.

All but Minerva, who has gone broody and won't get out of the nest box despite there being no egg beneath her. She is very calm about my putting my hand beneath her to check, and she lets me stroke her while crooning softly. I had thought she was just avoiding the bully antics of Silver Polish who has been quite aggressive of late. Yesterday his tail showed blood. I think one of the girls had had enough and let him have it. Today they all have their party manners in place.


  1. Your farm looks lovely! I bet the chickens love the weather right now. So do you happen to know what breeds of chickens you have in the last photo? I was curious if you knew, do you have a favorite breed? Are you getting lots of eggs per day now? I love seeing your place and all you have invested in it. I would LOVE to have chcikens some day. And BTW your rasperberry patch in your last post looks so good. I would think you could make lots of pies and jam from it all in a year or two. Love seeing your pics! keep them coming!!!

  2. The way you paint this word picture is so charming, Sharon. Your chickens look to be healthy, curious and animated. Sounds like they do have their squabbles, but manage to abide together in their little community! Your meadows are glorious! Love your photographs!

  3. Hi Sharon!!
    I really like your chickens!! I could stay hours watching them!!
    Meadows are wonderful!! Here in Uk the weather is's cold and rainy again...I really would like a bit of sun (my family in Italy is having a lot of warm weather, instead!).