Tuesday, June 5, 2012

and now, a blank canvas

During the painting every day month of May, I was employed by painting of quite a different sort. I enjoy the process of painting, it's the work that happens before you can open that new can of paint and give it a promising stir that I find laboriously boring.
Now I am quite used to undoing before redoing. Our city house proves that. So when we were looking for our farm, Jerome was eager to find a place with a farmhouse and other buildings that were perfect, ie, didn't need "work."  We'd done all that, and neither of us is getting any younger. When my heart said "This one!" Jerome's heart said something like, "That one?????" At least it didn't have half a dozen or more old outbuildings that needed to be shored up or blown up.
No, besides the garage, there is just one outbuilding, endearingly referred to as  the Potting Shed. (next 3 photos courtesy of Matthias.)

Poor little shed, full of junk that couldn't or wouldn't go into the garage, windows about to drop their panes, home to wasps and mice. And the first spring, a robin's nest and babies who got in and out through the torn screen door and left their calling cards all over the interior.
This spring I jumped in and emptied it of everything! Ugh. Now let's take a look.  Hmmm, needs a little work.
In March I hired Eli to use his carpentry skills to improve the structure. Rot removed, corner supports replaced, back corner lifted and stabilized, new roof, new windows, sagging door aligned.

Jerome removed the old compost bin sitting there behind the shed and we spread that lovely compost around the perimeter.

And now that she's been scraped, sanded and primed, she's a blank canvas ready for her transformation.

Thanks, Jerome, for believing in my vision and for building the new shelves inside. (I'll share interior pictures another time.) Right now it's ideal painting weather. Must get to it!


  1. It is a beautiful potting shed! I could easily while away the hours crafting inside!!! You have all done a wonderful job in upgrading her.

  2. Wow! That looks great! I would LOVE a potting shed like that! I definitely don't think you will be sorry investing in that gem. I might have to look for one of these one day if I ever make a move. Must haves...… large yard, and charming potting shed! Can't wait to see inside! Post soon!

  3. Can't wait to see it PAINTED!!! :)

    1. And your new header looks great!

  4. What a darling building, Sharon!! So much work, but great rewards!
    Can't wait to see the interior when you're ready to show it!

    And I, too, love your new header! Beautiful!