Monday, June 11, 2012

beauty a few paces from the house

The day to day must do list here consumes my attention and my energies.  I know by not regularly walking the grounds just to look and absorb I've missed much. This morning I purposefully took a slow walk. Look what I found....

I have no idea of its name and I've done nothing to encourage it to grow. It lives in the neglected ornamental pond, home of the night singers who ease me to sleep just outside my bedroom windows. The pond is a small pocket of beauty that I am delighted to have here. I regret to say I've put it on the some day I'll get to it list. There is a small fire pit next to it and a few old adirondack chairs in need of repair. In the nearly 2 years we've been here we've only had a handful of fires there. Jerome is coming this weekend for our anniversary. Without the luminous moon to compete, it should be lovely to watch the night sky come alive from here.


  1. Gorgeous flower, beautiful in neglect.

  2. How beautiful, Sharon. I hope you have wonderful anniversary with your sweetheart.