Sunday, January 10, 2016

National Houseplant Appreciation day

Gardening catalogs have been arriving steadily.
The thermometer read 9 degrees below zero this morning.
The raised beds out in the garden are nearly unrecognizable beneath the snow.
My green thumbs are twitching and I've been "plant dreaming deep."

Thank you, dear indoor companions, for keeping me good company.
Especially now.


  1. I am sure your houseplants bring a welcome splash of colour! I yearn for snow. Our days are getting colder now and the mild and muggy air has been replaced with a fresher feel. Just think of all the life germinating under that white blanket:-)

  2. ..forgot to say - what a beautiful header!

  3. Wild, wild winds here in Vermont. Just bought a few new houseplants for all these big wide windows. Also enjoying some forced bulbs. Cold and blooming inside. :-)

  4. I like when people have houseplants. It makes me think they're good housekeeper and they treasure their home. As for me all the houseplants I have in my room are a cactus and a little mandarin plant I'm growing from the mandarin stone.