Thursday, January 21, 2016

finding sunshine on a grey day

I presented a short introduction to the process of paper piecing to my quilt guild this week. The deadline gave me the push I needed to complete the block assembly of this quilt top.

I've named it Winter Solstice though it has yet to be quilted. Designing the quilting will take some serious thought. Any suggestions?


  1. THAT is spectacular! What a gorgeous piece of work, and I love the name. Not sure about the quilting. Something very simple that does not take away from the piecing?

  2. Hello Sharon,

    Love how you made up this quilt, just stunning, so three dimensional. Do you hand quilt or machine quilt?

    Happy days.

  3. Your work is gorgeous Sharon - I love the colour combinations that you have used. I have never done quilting so I can't advise on that front, however I agree with Karen that it should be something simple so as not to detract from the piecing.

  4. So beautiful Sharon! Such talent! I'm not a quilter either, but I can see what Karen means about a simple design. Please share it when it's finished!