Thursday, January 7, 2016


Twelfth night and Kings Day have come and gone, signally it's time to put the house in order. Serious sorting, packing, purging. An annual opportunity for taking inventory- of what surrounds me, what is within me.

It's a time of reflection, renewal, rededication. Of allowing un-guilty hours of reading, handwork, play.
A time for comfort foods.

Despite the cold and shortened daylight hours, our new flock, now totally integrated with the senior birds, has begun to lay. And our dear LadyHawk, one of the three remaining senior hens who will be 5 this May, has resumed laying. Keeping chickens is such good fun, their quirky personalities both amusing and good company.
Mya and Dovey are pleased that the weather is keeping us indoors so much of each day. They insinuate themselves into every project and activity. They cuddle with us and with each other.

Somehow they always know if a lap is available.

The holidays are past. It's a week into the new year. January is generous with gifts of her own.

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  1. Your cats are so cute. I do love cats and dogs unfortunately, right now I have no time for a pet. That makes me a little bit though one day I'll definitely have some cats and dogs.