Tuesday, June 9, 2015

newbie news

Just over 4 years ago the first baby chicks arrived at the farm. There was no way that early May morning for me to comprehend just how my life would change, what a large place those tiny birds would fill in my daily life, in my heart.
Of the original 28 birds 4 hens and one mighty silver polish rooster still call our ridge meadow farm home.

Big Guy

Rosie and Minerva



They enjoy a fenced yard 60 feet by 60 feet and a snug little house that keeps them just fine year round.

People out here in farm country advise against naming your animals. Not possible with this group of personalities. I love each one of them and in total gratitude for what they've given they will be allowed to meet their ends on Mother Nature's agenda, not mine. Their senior housing has been ordered, their summer quarters staked out. They will be on holiday just a fence away from their well known territory and through this fence they will be able to see, hear and smell the newbies.

Today those newbies have arrived. Fifteen chicks and a surprise "exotic" temporarily tucked into their "bassinet" in the pole barn. Imagine all the experiences those little ones have had in the first hours of their lives.
Just breaking out of the egg would be trauma enough.
Being sexed, inoculated, shipped, unboxed, 
taught to drink,

coaxed to eat,

and finding their sea legs.

Oh, and did I mention getting lots of lovings from everyone?? Within minutes of Jerome's posting on Facebook our neighbors arrived. And now they are shining stars in their own videos.
If you're in the neighborhood, please stop by.


  1. I remember when you ordered your first chicks and 'an exotic' that turned out to be your lovely Polish rooster. Great video of him eating with the girls with his 'hair' flopping around! I can't wait to see your new batch of chickens with another 'exotic'! How exciting?!!! :-)

  2. Oh, I wish I were in the neighborhood, Sharon! Your older birds are beautiful and the 'newbies' are precious! Absolutely love the videos!!