Sunday, June 7, 2015

because nice matters...

Even I was surprised to see how long it's been since I last put up a post. When I opened my blog this morning and saw the banner photo I thought I had clicked on my son's blog by mistake. Has it really been 4 weeks since my last post???
In the early days of the new year many of you chose a word as a focus for the year ahead. Nearly halfway through the year I look back and think PROCRASTINATOR must be branded into my forehead or at the very least I should take to wearing a large capital P on my chest as my personal scarlet letter.
Much of the time my procrastination impacts only me and my goals. Toxic. But all too often putting off what my heart wants of me because of my weak spirit results in lost opportunities to send my love maybe lifting someone else's spirits.
Late yesterday I found an email from someone I consider a dear friend though I have never met her asking if I had received her little package and should she send another!
My face is red with embarrassment, my heart is heavy with disappointment in myself, and a sweet blogging friend has been cheated out of knowing just what pleasure her "happy mail" brought with it, just how precious her friendship is to me.
I can site a list of roadblocks I allowed to keep me from acting on my intentions. None of them alone or together should have kept me from at least hopping right onto my email.

I was taking a breathing and mediation moment after lunch early last week trying to shake off pain, depression, inertia. Jerome had brought in the mail and read to me from the stack… "and something that says UK." In any other state of mind I would have leapt off the sofa.

When I finally got around to looking at the mail I was surprised, delighted,    and     anointed??
Never, never underestimate the good reaching out to those you care about can do. I really, really needed a lift and sweet Simone, half a continent and an ocean away, had sent me one.

Intentions without action, all too sad in a world when nice matters more than ever before.


  1. I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling low Sharon and glad that I gave you a lift! I hope that you will be feeling renewed and re-energized very soon. :-)

  2. I have been thinking of you, Sharon. It is so easy to put things off - I do it all the time. Good to see you back. I've been away for a while myself, but plan to blog more frequently now. Let's keep in touch - you are such a dear person! xo

  3. I got some "happy mail", too!
    Bloggy friends are such fun!
    Don't beat yourself up, Sharon. We all have ebbs and flows in our lives. It's the nature of being human, dear friend. xo