Sunday, June 28, 2015


Most of the time I'm fine with not having a smart phone. Having a simple tracfone works fine for low cost long distance and calls on the road. I would enjoy having a slim easy carry camera in my pocket that smart phones contain so I could more readily capture the magic that is this place called home. I would enjoy being on Instagram and having windows into your worlds, too. I'd love to snap a photo and instantly share it with you.
Picking up my digital camera every time I step out the door just isn't practical, as I'd probably set it down somewhere out of doors and forget it. Have I always been this easily distracted? But I do make a point of using it from time to time though it isn't very fancy, and I am NOT very good at focusing. My hands aren't as still as they used to be and my camera doesn't have a view finder so I'm looking at the screen on the back which is not very helpful in sunlight or when I'm not wearing glasses, which is most of the time. However, I have "good enough" photos that allow me to record and reminisce. Remind me of those things which I can easily forget...
My littlest hosta is blooming just now and it got me to thinking about how amazingly diverse even similar things are. Much like people, actually.

The larger hosta plant lives in the pond garden and covers a circle of ground that must be at least 6 feet across. There are many varieties here, some I inherited, some I brought along from the city house. Each blooms on its own schedule and provides a nonstop buffet for the visiting humming birds.

Speaking of humming birds, here are a few other examples of alike but different:

This past week the surrounding soybean fields were sprayed with an herbicide to kill the volunteer weeds and grasses that the mega-acreage renter doesn't have time or fuel to stewart without the one-two punch of GMO seed and poisons. With the potential for drift considering the winds off the fields, I worried over the row of baby pines we planted on our border this spring. I spent a couple of hours hosing them down and giving them a complete drink to encourage the uptake of water and expiration to help clean their pores.
I often worry that America may already find it too late to reverse the damages done, but refuse to give in. Look closely at the perfection of that tiny amphibian and ask yourself, would you purposefully do anything to jeapordize its future? Or your own?


  1. Good thoughts, Sharon. Nature is so precious, yet so much in jeopardy in this world of ours. I love seeing photos of the beautiful abundance around your farm. And, by the way, I too have a very simple cell phone and rely on my digital camera for photos!!

  2. A wonderful post Sharon. I don't use any insecticide or weed killer or anything to upset the ecosystem in my garden. I want to be able to go in the garden and pick a raspberry, eat it, without worrying if it has been contaminated. We can't help what people choose to do around us but we can try to protect our own 'back yard' .

  3. .... forgot to say - beautiful header! :-)