Thursday, May 3, 2012

tropics moving north??

Yesterday's high of 79 and mini thunderstorms each on the heals of the other, have made me wonder if I will have to take up hydroponics..... Nevertheless, there are blessings. This little fellow is one of many who helped sing me through the night, windows lightly open against the rain and ceiling fan silently gentling the room.

While yet another swiftly moving storm passes over the farm, I am about to sit down to one of my favorite breakfasts, French toast, prepared with a home farm egg, English muffin bread, a splash of milk and a dash of vanilla. Oh, and a side of the most extraordinary canned peaches I've ever tasted, a gift from Lovina last week for taxi service provided.

I wonder what has collected in the rain gauges this round...


  1. I am currently listening to a Madison radio station and heard that more rain is on the way.

    Your blog is helping to create a deep homesickness within me. I miss the song of spring peepers.

  2. It rains all the time here at the moment and it is cold too. Spring is thought of as the loveliest time of the year usually but this year is falling far from expectation. The breakfast looks delicious and the photo is making my mouth water!

  3. "...ceiling fan silently gentling the room." You have such a beautiful way with words, Sharon. That little frog is so sweet and your morning meal looks perfectly wonderful.
    Weather patterns seem to be ever so different this year. We, too, are having a great deal of rain, but it is sorely needed. Your rain gauges must be up an inch or two more by now!
    I love having a window into your world, too, Sharon!

  4. Funny that we both posted photos of frogs yesterday! :)

    It was 90 in Cleveland yesterday, but no rain. Everything looked so sad in the garden after all that sun and heat.

    Hope you get a break in the rain and some sunshine soon!

  5. Ehi...your breakfast looks really good!!
    And I like the little frog, too!
    In Italy it rained all the time I was there. It went better the last 3 days. Now that I'm back in Uk,'s still raining here!!
    ...I really would like a bit of sunshine now!! I've seen a lot the sun in this last month!