Wednesday, May 2, 2012

mercurial may

Whether or not my rain gauges are accurate I do not know. There are two, different shapes and in different areas of the gardens. So far each rain they agree.
On Thursday April 19 it rained steadily all day. By the next morning the rain gauges each held 5 1/2 inches. Over the bus trip weekend they collected 2 1/2 inches each. Last night several thunderstorms rolled past, something I quite enjoy from the coziness of my bed. There was hail, wind, sudden downpours. This morning...

another 2 inches, bringing the total for the last 14 days to 10.

This morning along the brick path, these cups runneth over.
Who knows how long it will be before it's dry enough for  Dave to plow the horse manure and chicken house bedding into the vegetable bed. Just two days before the first deep rain I had confirmed with him that I was indeed on his schedule.
Meanwhile it's time to transition the seedlings from under the grow lights in the basement to being out of doors. Yesterday I moved them to the mini greenhouses on the back porch. Most of them need potting up and they all need hardening off before they can be set out. Was it really two months ago I planted the first of the seeds??

Happily I'm expecting company here this month. Everyone has expressed a desire to help in the gardens. And everyone who visits will leave with some of these...


  1. Look at all those wee plants, just waiting to spread their roots!

  2. Wish I could come by to help, and leave with some of those lovely eggs! Glad you are going to have some help, Sharon. Hope the rain slows down a bit when you are ready to plant outside!

  3. Your seedlings look lovely and healthy Sharon and juat look at all those eggs in their various hues! Wonderful!

  4. Rain! I miss those Wisconsin rains and middle of the night thunderstorms. Reading of all the rain reminds me that my soul is nurtured and renewed by the sound of rain, wind and flashing of lightening.

    Your indoor greenhouse is magnificent.