Sunday, May 27, 2012

thank you, Rachel

Though I may lack human company most days, I am surrounded by the ebb and flow of a mixed chorus. These voices begin and end my days, lullabies by night, sharing these small acres, buoying my spirit.

Today is the birthday anniversary of Rachel Carson and it is in large part because of her courage that I am so surrounded. Because of Rachel, my spring is not silent.


  1. Hi Sharon!
    I really liked your words...and I didn't know who Rachel Carson was before reading your blog!
    Nice picture!!
    Hope you're fine!

  2. Hope you're seeing lots of the oriels this year! Any indigo buntings?

    Our birds are far less exotic, but I have seen (and heard) a mockingbird in the yard. And all the other usual suspects. Charlie wants to catch them all. He caught two of the baby robins. I was able to save one of them.

    Your irises are lovely. Although I see some greens here, not a single flower (and no sign of some of the plants at all). Irises just don't like me, I guess. I had wanted to try to paint some.

  3. We are never alone really are we?

  4. Thanks for the reminder of Rachel Carson. I wrote a book report on Silent Spring when I was in the 7th grade. Her writing woke me up.

    I am glad that she keeps you company, along with the birds. Your good work inspires me, Sharon.