Wednesday, December 7, 2011

of christmas cards and coyotes

I put the finishing touches on this year's holiday cards this morning. I do enjoy the process once I get over the planning stage! Simple punch, embossed image and rubber stamps.
Yesterday I had a brainstorm about the garland of lights on the front porch railing. Last year I had to go out and plug in and unplug the lights every night. One night last season Dovey ran out the door as I went out to unplug them. I was able to just barely grab her by the tail as she dashed for under the porch. I was terrified!
Some little bit of grace made me think of an outdoor timer, really how dull could I have been not to think of it sooner? So last night was the trial run. It became very cold and the wind was right out of the north across the front porch. Then just after dinner I heard the coyote pack howling so close to the house it gave me shivers! I was simply thrilled to know both Dovey and I would stay safe indoors and our lights would still shiny cheerily in the darkness and turn themselves off at bedtime.


  1. sometimes life is just so good...simple comforts of shelter and sparkly lights.

    love the cards, doves at christmas.


  2. I am glad that you don't have to go outside every night to turn off the lights! The card is beautiful and I bet it will be very well received too.

  3. First, Sharon, I love your blog header - A lovely Nativity scene in the shelter of pine trees. The outdoor timer was indeed a fortunate inspiration! I don't think there is anything quite as lovely as a home illuminated by simple lights. This year we have solar window lights with LED bulbs. I'm happy not to have wires for the kitties to become entangled in as they post themselves as sentries at the windows! So glad you caught Dovie before she escaped! I'm wary of that happening to R & A, but so far they stay away from the door when we open it!
    Your cards look lovely and make me wish I had time to make some too. As usual, I've left all projects to the last two weeks and must hustle!!
    Thinking of you and hoping all's well!