Wednesday, December 14, 2011

botanic garden under lights

Still visiting the city! I've got the annual Christmas outing with my garden shopping buddy/teaching colleague Barb along Chicago's Michigan Avenue tomorrow, and an order of soap oils to pick up for an Amish friend on Friday. That's given me  lots of time for area shopping and a little visiting, too.
Yesterday I stopped at Quilter's Destination, my favorite quilt shop in my city home area. Patti, the owner, is currently running her annual 12 days of Quilting shopping specials. (As if I need an excuse to shop there when I'm in town!) Her husband has just put his hand to some in shop installations of new display and sewing spaces which came together beautifully.
I squeezed in an eye doctor visit yesterday and I'm happy to report all is well on that front. Twenty two years since my first eye surgery, doesn't seem possible!
Today I have some sweet discount coupons to try to use and plan to stop at Chalet, mostly to fill my senses in their greenhouses.
After school yesterday Jerome and I picked up Phil and Kelly at Loyola Academy (where Phil teaches and coaches) and drove to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, intending to see their train exhibit and view the holiday decorations. They always do a great job with holiday lights. The photo above is a shot of the floor in one of the greenhouses, snowflake lights beemed to your feet from above!
Unfortunately, all of the tickets for the exhibit for that day were already sold. Bummer. Well, we enjoyed the greenhouses and displays that we were able to see inside and the lovely lights outside.

Inside tropical greenhouse looking toward entrance to the train exhibit, Wonderland Express

 an enormous sphere of moth orchids inside tropical greenhouse


  lawn outside exhibit hall.

 Phil and Kelly

We ended our too short visit with the kids at Bonefish. Dinner was delicious and we lingered over shared desserts, not willing to let the evening end.
Bliss for this mom who spends far too much time away from her lovely family.


  1. Michigan Avenue looks like a vibrant place to shop! I am glad you got to spend time with friends and family doing enjoyable things. Good news about your eyesight, I had good news about mine yesterday too!

  2. Great photo of Phil and Kelly! Glad you got to spend some time together.

    I always love those orchid spheres! Can't help but photograph them!

  3. Sounds like you have had a great time with friends and family. The Chicago Botanic Gardens looks like a beautiful place to visit - the lights, flowers, projected snowflakes - wonderful! I did not know that you had a problem with your eyes, Sharon, but I'm glad to hear that all is well!