Monday, December 19, 2011

H is for helper

Just a few days left in the countdown to Christmas. Couldn't we all use a little help?
Above is my best helper, Dovey, assisting me with my greeting card production. That was before our latest trip to the city.
Since I've been back at the farm, Dovey has insisted on being within sight of me constantly. Today she wants to be on my lap any time I sit, like now, for instance, at the computer. Earlier today when I decided I needed a power nap, she lay her little self right across my chest. And this evening she has tried to keep me from crocheting my last minute snowflake ornaments. When she saw I had no intention of stopping, she just made room for herself the best she could.
Love you, Dovey.


  1. henry sends dovey his regards. xo

  2. Cats are one of the best companions! She is a very lovely little helper!

  3. What a sweetie she is!!
    Merry Christmas, dear friend!