Thursday, March 17, 2011

postcard from Monaco

I have been waiting for my postcard daily since I sent mine on March 7. Where would it come from? What would it look like?
Well, this afternoon Sandy, our mail carrier, delivered it to the door. I think even she was excited that I had a package from France.

The stitching is dear, the colors are soft and comfortable, the old papers are interesting for their unknown history. It is from Johanna in Monaco. I love it,
Thanks, Johanna. And thanks Beth, for organizing the swap. We'll have to do this again some time.


  1. Beautiful soft colours and I like the rose in the centre top and the little lovebirds stamp. How lovely to receive exciting post!

  2. This is so sweet! I would participate in something like this! Love the idea of receiving a p.c. from another country!

  3. I'm so so glad the postcard arrived and that you liked it! Being a complete novice stitcher I was a bit nervous about entering the swap! I started my own blog earlier this year after making many new years resolutions, take a look if you have time!