Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Anne with an "e"

Today is my firstborn's 35th birthday. I find it near impossible to clearly recollect my world without an Anne in it. Or more precisely, in the center of it. Imaginative, independent, thoughtful, artistic, smart, brave, unique, beautiful.
Thank you Anne for gracing my life with your love and for the sacrifices you've made to join me on my quest to live my farm life dream. If I could give you one gift on this your special day it would be contentment with your life choices, freedom from ever being sorry you didn't try to follow your heart's desire. 

Happy birthday, sweetie. Many more.


  1. Beautiful!
    What a lovely relationship you two have.
    Happy Birthday, Anne!

  2. Happy Birthday Anne! It is mine on Thursday 24th March! x

  3. Thank you, Mom, for all of the gifts you've given me over the years. Above all else, so much love.

  4. Hello Sharon. Thank you for your Birthday wishes to me. I have just made a sponge cake and filled it with home made lemon curd and buttercream and topped it with a crunchy lemon sugar topping. If you were here I would gladly share it with you in the garden with a cup of tea! Yes! That is a Camelia in my garden. It is about 10 feet high!

  5. Hello again Sharon. I am sorry but I don't know the latin name for the flower I show on my blog. It is a Pieris 'Forest Flame' but that is all I know about it!