Tuesday, March 15, 2011

daylight savings time

It's funny how changing your day by one hour has such an impact on your life. Since Sunday morning I haven't been out of my pajamas before 10:00. And it's so lovely to eat our supper and do our kitchen cleanup without needing to turn on the lights! Last evening, because the sky was only partly cloudy, the light lasted a long time fading to that marvelous shade of violet blue that hugs the horizon just before slipping away.
Technically there's still a week til spring, Our forecast for the foreseeable future suggests days in the 40s and 50s. That should mean an end to our snow and ice prompting walks around the grounds looking for what's new. Green, how wonderful. Can you feel actual hunger for a color? Once summer has your full attention, can green not even register anymore?

Yesterday, our attention was caught by both Redwing Blackbird and Robin voices while we were eating our supper. We hopped up to dash out onto the back deck and listen... birds calling from tree to tree "What about this place? A good place to stop? What do you think?" and this morning the robins are all over the exposed lawns, with their speed walking and their laughing calls, so robin-like. Welcome back. Yes, this is a good place, please stop here.


  1. I am sure your farm will be a wonderful place for the birds. I know it is springtime when I hear the birds singing. I love green. It is one of my favourite colours. I hope you see more green over the coming weeks and not so much of a white landscape!

  2. Yes, Spring is near! You seem to have such a wonderful identification with nature, Sharon, knowing the names and calls of all sorts of birds, and referring lovingly to the plants around you.
    We had the loveliest sunny day today! It was wonderful to open windows on our unheated porch, temperatures reached the high 60's, and the kitties loved lying in sunny patches on the warm floor.
    Hope your day was wonderful, too.