Tuesday, January 31, 2017


It is the final day of January 2017.
It is day 13 for Jerome.
It is day 6 for me.
In the early days, illness. Days of fatigue and discomfort. And finally an unrelenting nuisance. The winter head cold/flu bug. Such a bore.
What's good about it?
When we were working folk we'd have to, as our son says, put our game face on and get the job done.
Now, we can be gentler with ourselves.
(Mantra: I will feel better. Winter will pass.)
And in the meantime?
Scroll through those garden photos and believe again.

Simmer a pot of soup, to clear the sinuses, feed the soul.
Watch favorite old films, laugh, cry.
Nap. Nap again.

January has been nearly sunless. Its muddy thaw has given way to a thick blanket of new snow. We take turns feeling well enough to visit the chickens and Jerome has done a heroic job of clearing snow for us, for them.

Despite the lack of direct sun the noticeable increase of daylight has impacted egg production. Most noticeable are the return of araucana eggs.

Just a few of the hens are still rebuilding their feathers after their first deep molt. They look wonderfully well. Even on the coldest days you can feel their body heat through your gloves when you hold them close. What they have contributed to our lives cannot begin to be put into words.
For them and for the wild birds I am so very grateful.
And the first month of the new year draws to a close.
Winter will pass.
I will feel better. I do already.

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  1. Such a beautiful header photo, Sharon.
    Oh, I am so sorry to hear that you and Jerome have been ill. It seems like this flu is everywhere and so long lasting! I'm very happy that you have been able to be gentle with yourselves and to be there for each other. Sending good wishes for swift healing.
    Your chickens sound like good friends and I am always fascinated to read about them.
    I hope the sun will come to bless you soon, that you improve every day and that soon things will look a bit brighter. xo