Saturday, January 14, 2017

delights of january

Have you noticed that dusk is falling a wee bit later each day?
Has your mailbox become a treasure chest of seed catalogs? Are you "plant dreaming deep" ?

Are your beloved orchids and cactus, geraniums and amaryllis, begonias and african violets smiling on you with buds and blossoms?

As you close the books on 2016 have you found joyful ways of using last year's calendars?

Are hearty soups and from scratch breads and biscuits your go to dinner fare?

Do the snow-covered fields and a full moon help you see forever across the landscape in the middle of the night?
Always wonderful but ever more precious in deep winter.
Rejoice and be glad with me, my friends.


  1. Yes! There is much to delight Sharon. I love how your three photos harmoniously link through their colours - the orange-y red tones, the blues and the greens!

  2. Such a beautiful collection of the joys of winter! I imagine you eagerly perusing those catalogs and creating wonderful winter meals. And your plants are lovely! I do rejoice with you, dear friend.

  3. oh dear know i do! xo