Wednesday, November 16, 2016

clarity in the fog

I'd lost track of a practice that I've recently learned to embrace once again.
Breath work and meditation. 

I know it looks as if I'm napping, and I think perhaps Jerome thought I was as he snuck around taking snaps of his girls snuggled together in the sunlight. In truth I was doing my controlled breathing followed by a meditation that moves chi through your chakras. It is both energizing and cleansing and the movement of the energy nearly always attracts the cats. 
It's all too easy to pass through a day and not make time for the most important bits. To love your neighbor as yourself implies that you love yourself first. I think this means you must be in touch with yourself to really be able to connect to those around you. 
A remarkable example of this can be found on Anne's blog today. Despite the challenges in her personal life since the opening of 2016, she has courageously and steadfastly sought her inner journey and by doing so has been able to give so much to so many. Please take time to read her post soon. You've so much to gain by it. 
Love you, Anne. 


  1. headed over there right now. love to you and yours, dear one. xo

  2. Oh so lovely. I do try to meditate and do cleansing breaths also, Sharon, when I remember! What a beautiful photo!

  3. You look so peaceful in that photo Sharon. I haven't meditated in a long time but I am conscious of taking care of myself more. The fitter I am mentally and physically - the more I can give to others. Anne has had a challenging year but she has excelled in so many areas and is a source of inspiration for many people including me!

  4. Glad you found yesterday's post to be inspiring, Mom.

    I think yours is a great reminder, too. Taking time for breathing and mediation is something I never seem to be able to do. Gotta put it further up on my to-do list.

    Thanks for all of your support and encouragement.

    Love you, too.