Sunday, March 1, 2015


A gauzy shawl lies over the decks this morning, trees and shrubs mantled in subtle hoar frost. Sun looking in on me through a veil. No wind. Silent.
In like a lamb.
It's daylight saving time month, vernal equinox month, seedlings under grow lights month, amazing daughter(s) birthday(s) month. (My dear blogging buddy Judy's  also amazing daughter is a March baby. Happy birthday tomorrow, Kate.)
Yes, March is one of my favorite months. It feels like anything is possible.
Can you feel it?


  1. It is bright here in the UK today but oh so windy! I love March for it is my Birthday month too! I am looking forward to all the spring bulbs coming through and the longer days! :-)

  2. I want to feel some hope for spring, Sharon, as I look out at still frozen banks of snow. Thank you for your birthday wishes to Kate. Yes, we do have amazing daughters, don't we? Think I will buy some flowers today!