Saturday, March 21, 2015

happy birthday Bach and...

Our summer birds have returned. Redwing blackbirds everywhere. Mourning doves, robins. Cardinals calling a start to each new day.

Standing in the middle of our road at sunset last night revealed that the sun has been relentlessly shifting ever northward. Overhead lights unnecessary at dinner. Chickens roosting after supper dishes are done.

Could this be spring?
Just in time.


  1. Beautiful photo of the sunset Sharon and of Mya and Dovey too! I really do hope it is spring!

  2. Not even close here, so I am drinking in all of yours. Thank you!

  3. Love your photo, Sharon, and the sunny picture of your beautiful kitties.
    We still have lots of snow, but Happy Spring anyway!!

  4. Pleased to 'meet' you by Karen's sew and sow blog!
    My son, who's a harpsichordist and Bach loving-and-inspired young man, mentioned Bach's birthday on march 21st (ofcourse...). So, your blog title of today was very much of a surprise to me :>)
    Cheers from The Netherlands,