Sunday, January 18, 2015

slipping past

Time was, January crept along so slowly winter seemed interminable. Not so 2015.
Late in the third week of the new year, today is sunny, above freezing, and the wild winds of the night have blown themselves out. On a day such as this, one can easily believe in spring…
Indoors, the bulbs put by in autumn are enjoying their places in the sun.

And I am reminded that my first snow drops, tucked into the garden bed along the brick walk last October, are preparing for their first appearance.

Our chickens are delighting in this bit of thaw and I am tickled by the sweet sounds of them exploring their nearly snow-less play yard. Phoebie has discovered that the soil beneath the chicken house is dry and dusty and refuses to emerge from her wallow even for mealworms. Clever girl… a dust bath in January is definitely more precious than a treat that can be had no matter the weather.
As a celebration, Friday night we ate at the local Chinese buffet in honor of Anne's recent good news. (I'm sure she'll share this soon.) It's always fun to read the fortune in your cookie, all the more so when you are able to reach into a bowl and choose your own rather than take one of a few included in your take out order.
This was mine…
There are several new things going on in my sewing room and at my desk. Having read or rather devoured Susan Branch's A Fine Romance, I quickly ordered a copy for myself and then searched my bookshelves for little books of a similar nature.

Under their influence I have begun a sketch book/journal of my own. I've never kept one before. I've often begun a written journal but have never allowed myself to KEEP one. For once I've decided to try keeping a different sort. Here are a couple of my recent inclusions…

Last weekend I attended a quilting retreat and while there spent time getting to know my new sewing machine. I had a blast trying out her built in stitches. These will go into the notebook where I'm logging my practices.

The circle of stitches is accomplished with the aid of a special attachment  The foot of the machine "draws" the stitches like the pencil of a compass. The radius is adjustable. I saw this demonstrated by Libby Lehman and just had to try it myself. Thanks, Mary, for lending me your attachment. No doubt I'll be getting one of my own soon.
I have had a love affair with paper my whole life. In the past couple years I've experimented with making boxes with papers of all kinds. Recently I discovered that Hobby Lobby was selling the very tool I had been looking for. It's made by We R Memory Keepers and makes self closing square boxes of various sizes.

Here you see two that I made with French General paper, which is double sided and presents beautifully. Look closely and you can see the tiny brads I used to secure them.

So these are the reasons why January refuses to move along as they say, "slow as molasses in January." Hope you're finding your days as full and enjoyable.


  1. You have been so busy this month Sharon no wonder time has flown by! Wonderful sketches and stitches and boxes. I am looking forward to finding out Anne's good news!

  2. Such a wonderful post, Sharon!! So many exciting things going on in your life! I'm glad the quilt retreat was successful and that you're learning your new machine. And, oh, those paper boxes are lovely! Love the detail of those tiny brads.
    Most of all, I'm so happy that you are starting a sketchbook! Such great drawings - hope you will keep at it! One of my favorite things!