Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We fed the latest sprouts to the chickens today. They made short work of them. Seems we all are eager for fresh green…..

daffodils nearly ready to see the light of day

freshly repotted amaryllis bulbs waking from their winter nap

and soon a treat for the felines of the family (maybe Mya will leave my houseplants alone)

The stack of garden catalogs is growing taller.
I feel a certain itch in my thumbs…


  1. Lovely signs of new life, Sharon! Love your beautiful header!!

  2. It is lovely to see the new green shoots sprouting up. I should probably grow some cat grass for Gizmo being as he is confined to the house whilst he is recovering from his op. :-)

  3. What would we do without our windowsill gardens? I love your "certain itch in your thumbs". Batman and I are looking through seed catalogs this afternoon. We will be ordering lots of wildflower seeds, for the summer wedding!

  4. Sharon!!

    I love to see what you are growing and how much love you put into it!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!