Tuesday, October 14, 2014


our guild's annual quilt show
mini quilt for silent auction

and one of 3 I entered 

tail end of eclipse

and moon rise 12 hours later

gem of a church on St. Mary's Ridge Cashton, WI  that hosted a most enjoyable concert

on a newly restored 100+ year old instrument

we discovered they say a Latin mass every Sunday at noon... now that would be a treat for both of us.

drying and shelling beans for winter meals

checking out the town's harvest festival

keeping an eye on the beauties just outside my window

a week of blessings 


  1. Your quilt is beautiful Sharon - you are very talented. I love the photos in this post especially the tail end of the eclipse.

    1. Thanks, Simone. I wish I could take photos outside as well as you can. My camera isn't very sophisticated and I'm really not very capable.

  2. Beautiful Bargello! And colors and music and sky...what a wonderful week. :-)