Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello, October

Snow yesterday

which melted as soon as the sun shown.
Then later preparing for a predicted frost by picking all we could and covering the tenders

and early this morning the house temperature falling below 60 and jump starting the furnace despite our determination to resist so early in the season.
Yesterday apple upside down cakes from some of the last of our windfall apples to be delivered to two neighbors who've been in the hospital.

And in the moments between, despite promises to myself not to, having to rush with projects for our guild's upcoming quilt show

Ah, October.


  1. Beautiful header Sharon! How quick the seasons change. I am glad that you managed to pick as much of your harvest as possible. It is still warm here but the nights are getting increasingly colder. Your quilts are lovely works of art. I see where Anne gets her talent from!

  2. A post full of loveliness, but snow so soon? Your quilts are beautiful - you've given us just a glimpse of them - please do take pictures at your quilt show! Stay warm!

  3. Ehi Sharon!!
    Happy Birthday (sorry I'm late!!...I've been so busy!!).
    I really like your tomatoes and apples!! They seem really tasty!

    Wow...the snow!! Already!! Here it is getting colder, but I act as nothing has happened...I still want some warm weather!!

  4. I often feel caught in the crosshairs of the calm and urgency of October!