Thursday, September 11, 2014

whatever happened to what's her name?

The discussion at a Rogaland Rosemaling class with Ruth Green this week went something like this: "I wish I could retire so I'd have time for everything I want to do."  "That's what I used to think. I'm retired now but I don't have time for anything anymore." "You've got that right!" "Man, is that ever true!"
The dream that woke me early this morning was my brain's way of saying, "Enough already, girl. Time to slow down or else."
So, the desk is nearly cleared, the lists are written for my trip back to the city for a family event I can't miss this weekend (what to bring, stops to make along the way and while I'm there, birthday gifts and canned goods to share, etc.) the laundry is started, library items organized, garden produce mostly processed, time for a bit of the county fair in town… I think you've got the idea.
Just a quick visual idea of some of the things that kept me joggin' since my last post:

Quilt Expo, Madison:

Last year's best of show was awarded to Betty Ekern Suiter. Just an example of how interesting life can be, I sat with Paula Ekern at the rosemaling class. Betty, this world renowned quilter, is her sister-in-law!

harvesting and processing garden bounty (freezing, canning, pickling):

surprise overnight visitors (Jerome's two brothers and nephew) out for  "ride" on their bikes:

a class at the local quilt shop, Rapid Fire Hunters Star, a single finished block done in class and then a second done at home and joined to the first while I still remembered how to use the fancy ruler

Jerome's new B, a John Deere 1947 B

my new B, a Bernina 750QE with stitch regulator so I can do free motion quilting and have every stitch be uniform (well that's the theory, anyway!)

a time or two that I remembered to stop and take a photo of the beauty that is every where around me:

a rainbow caught just as the sun was setting

And that cute photo of our little Mya on the header??? She knows how to take cozy time. Thanks for the example, dear one.


  1. Lovely post, Mom. That sunset rainbow is amazing.

    And little Mya... she's been busy, too. Just imagine her blog post... mouse, mouse, mouse, another mouse.

    1. Yes Mya has been brilliant at ridding the house of mice. It's no wonder she sleeps all day, she's been on guard all night. Now if only I could have the same defense out in the garage. I just HATE it that the mice love my car!!

  2. You have been so busy and productive Sharon. Nice to see all the things that have kept you 'joggin'' since your last post! Enjoy your trip!

  3. So many wonderful photos, beginning with soft, sweet Mya in your header! I'll skip the comments about the mice (shudder!), but it looks like you've been working hard and enjoying life! Love yours and Jerome's new "toys" - hope you love that new Bernina! I think your blue and white Hunters Star is beautiful and I'm so glad you enjoyed the Quilt Expo! Wonderful post!

  4. Reminds me of when I used to say I wish I didn't have to work and people would say "wouldn't you get bored sitting home all day?" and I'd say "whoever said anything about sitting home all day?" Love the photos especially the apples on the tree. Oh, and the bashful cat.