Sunday, December 1, 2013

december first

Advent: capital "A"
usually thought of as the days leading to the coming of the babe to the manger.
Today, the first of four Sundays before Dec. 25, the first day of the Advent season. Over the years I've participated in many discussions about Christ's birth. Not an easy concept to get your mind around. Did Mary really have a choice? Was it "natural"? Was it painful? Did she look forward to the ways her life would forever change? Did Joseph ever understand or trust her, I mean, really??

lower case "a": advent: a coming into being.

A metamorphosis of some magnitude has been turning in my soul these past several weeks. One that has been by turns frustrating, uncomfortable, frightening. Suddenly I'm an insomniac. I'm crabby or moody, or just plain lethargic too much of the time. Why does my very skin feel alien?
My faith encourages that this is exactly as it should be at this precise period of my life. I choose to believe.


  1. Dear Sharon,
    Sending you love and good thoughts. Hope you can get some rest and that whatever is going on within you becomes less burdensome soon.

  2. I joke with many of my friends that someone should invent an "app" that lets you know who is awake at night. If one knew who was tossing and turning (and there are so many of us!), we could call one another for a chat, with no fear of disturbing them!

    Hang in there, friend, keep on believing!