Wednesday, August 21, 2013


There are so many things to love about life here on our ridge meadow farm in our new life together. We're finding our rhythm and working at the fine art of living in the moment. A favorite time of day is just after dinner. After putting the chickens to bed we've begun a routine of walking the grounds and taking note of those small beauties that can be so easily overlooked. We can feel summer's desperation in the final days of August and a hint of that melancholy that can ride on the winds as a prelude to autumn. Most notable is the sunlight shifting and shortening at day's end, across the fields, down the road.

Looking back at the house from the road last evening just before 8 pm, the sun already below the horizon and the approaching night very still, we saw the full moon, the Grain Moon or Green Corn Moon, rising over the house. And felt a benediction.

If you follow Anne on her instagram site or MyGiantStrawberry, you know what I've been up to recently. Such a wonderful visit. And all too short. If there is a down side to living out here on the farm it is that we have put an additional 240 miles between ourselves and our children. When this thought threatens to overpower, I consider that despite the miles, we have never felt closer to our children in every other way.


  1. A lovely picture of the moon protecting your house and all that lies beneath! I can imagine what a special time you have spent as a family again and at least Jerome is with you now.

  2. Hi Sharon!!
    ...I was watching at the same moon, the same night!! It was so beautiful!! I saw it rising behind the roofs of the houses in front of me...and it was magical!!
    ..strange how we felt the same feeling, the same night!!
    I'm glad you had beautiful days with Anne at the farm, and that you are enjoying your "new" life!!

  3. Yes. A beautiful place, filled with hospitality will draw folks to it, despite the miles. You and Jerome have created an oasis that may bring comfort to you and yours for years to come.

    The moon here in Vermont has been spectacular as well.

    And I have had guests of the very best kind this week, too.


  4. You sound very content, Sharon, and I'm so happy for you. It's hard having children far away. Even as I read your words I felt a stirring of missing our Kate. But, as you said, we seem closer than ever now.
    I will have to investigate Anne's blog to see what you were up to with her. I've been away - sorry for being out of touch for so long!