Friday, August 30, 2013

a rural alphabet

Last evening Jerome and I attended a book signing in our town's lovely book store, Bramble Books. The featured title: A Rural Alphabet, the result of collaboration between two local artists and friends, colored pencil artist Monica Jagel and poet Joanne Adragna Shird.

Before the presentation we ate dinner in our favorite local restaurant, The Driftless Cafe, now under new management. (the link shows last night's menu. We had the special salad. Absolutely divine.) And who was seated at the table next to us?? Monica and Joanne!
The small gathering at the bookstore event allowed for lots of conversation with the artists and some surprising links among us. All too soon we noticed the darkening sky and remembered our chickens needed their house secured for the night and so we made our apologies for needing to leave. But not before purchasing a copy for ourselves and one to be given as a gift.  Once again, our small town demonstrated its large heart and soul. And the magic of interacting with two gifted and passionate artists  has stirred my own.


  1. A meal, a bookstore and friends. What more could you want? I am glad that you had a lovely evening and remembered to put the chickens to bed!

  2. Sounds like you had a very nice evening.
    A Rural Alphabet looks like a lovely book with beautiful drawings. You've painted such a pleasant picture of your small town life - it sounds so heartwarming. And meeting authors and artists is one of my favorite things to do. So glad it was inspiring for you, Sharon.
    I love the beautiful photo on the header of your blog.

  3. I see the menu from the Driftless Cafe changes each time I link to it, so Thursday's dinner menu is no longer visible. Well, you get the idea of how amazing the offerings are there and if you look every day you may get ideas for menus of your own!!

  4. ai ai ai if you don't stop posting these awesome photos I'm going to have to move to rural Wisconsin and keep chickens (and a sheep and a few goats).

  5. Dear Sharon,

    I simply had to tune in and tell you that I'm thinking about you. How I wish we could meet up for a book signing and drink in your home town. A few hours in your company would surely be a rich experience.

    Hugs from autumnal France,