Tuesday, December 11, 2012

first snow, second candle and a helper

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... beautiful views in every direction.

The wild birds are busy at the feeders, but the chickens refuse to leave their snug house. They wouldn't even try going out.

The peace candle has joined the candle of hope. I chose to use these beeswax candles that my sister-in-law Anne sent me last year because they'll remind me of her and my deceased brother and their lovely daughter Sarah whenever I see them. And haven't we always put things away, saving them for the "some day" that often never arrives? My pre-new year resolution... use all the lovely things each and every day.

I mentioned that I would be working on this year's Christmas cards. Well, here's my helper trying to decide whether or not to walk on the rows of newly stamped cards lying out to dry.

Some packages mailed, a trunk load of packages ready to bring down to the city tomorrow, lists keeping me organized. Two weeks to go and I'm determined to have much of what's on those lists checked off by this weekend so I can truly walk the last week slowly to Christmas, and continue the slow walk throughout the holidays.

And isn't it lovely to think that the solstice is right around the corner??


  1. Dovey indeed looks like she is deciding whether to investigate!
    Your advent wreath is lovely and I am so in agreement with you on using our "best" things instead of saving them!
    You sound like you have everything well organized, Sharon. Love seeing your snowy picture - we have not had to deal with snow here - yet!

  2. A beautiful snowy scene outside the window Sharon. I wonder if your lovely stamped cards will have some added paw prints too!

  3. I really like your helper!! :)
    I've doing the same in this last year: using the nice things, because I don't want them to be wasted in a drawer!! I really like your snow and the picture of the birds on your feeder!